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2009-05-30 14:55:53 by micorcidra

IM READY TO ROCK AND RELOAD. im making some new flash. my first one is sk8er stick and jet hawk gave me some good advice so thanks still workin so later. i gotta PRACTICE!!!!!!!


2008-07-10 11:30:05 by micorcidra

where the hell iz da FRONT PAGGEEE!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

yo everbody

2008-05-26 11:01:18 by micorcidra

im just starteing in flash and my freikin tamblet isnt working its best so i have to wait a little til i make another flash movie so i just want to say that tentionmaru is one of my favoriote animators so ill give a shout out to him